Credibility at First

With that coveted checkmark next to your name, viewers instantly recognize you as an authentic and trustworthy figure on the platform. It’s like a digital VIP pass, indicating that TikTok has vetted and acknowledged you.


Verified badges aren’t just for show. They often lead to higher engagement rates as users are more inclined to interact with accounts that TikTok has stamped with approval. It's a green light for them to scroll, like, comment, and share!

Priority in

Ever noticed how verified account comments pop up more often? That's no coincidence. TikTok gives a nudge to verified accounts, making their interactions more visible. This means your comments on other videos could gain more traction, amplifying your voice or brand presence.


For businesses, a verified badge can translate directly to sales. Customers feel more secure and confident purchasing from or collaborating with verified profiles. It’s a seal of assurance in a world of digital uncertainty.

Spotlight on

With a verified status, you're not just another user; you're a trendsetter. Your content has a higher chance of being featured, and when you hop onto or create a trend, others take note. It's your golden ticket to influencing the TikTok narrative.

TikTok's Explosive Growth:Why Now is the Time to Dive In!
Global Reach TikTok is available in over 150 countries and in 75 languages. A truly international platform.
Monthly Active Users Over 1 billion users and counting! Your potential audience is vast.
Engagement Rate Users spend an average of 52 minutes daily. That's potential repeated exposure for your brand!
Young & Engaged Demographic 60% of TikTok users are aged between 16-24, a prime audience for many brands.
Diverse Content Creation Ops From dance challenges to educational snippets, there's a niche for everyone.
Organic Reach Potential The algorithm promotes quality content, offering a chance for virality unlike other platforms.
Business & Ad Platform TikTok offers tools for businesses to reach their audience effectively and measure ROI.
Endorsement by Influencers Major celebrities & influencers are joining and endorsing TikTok, adding to its credibility.

Jump-Start Your TikTok Journey with Pre-Verified Accounts!

Pre-Verified Tiktok
Account with 0-10k Followers

Dive into the TikTok world with authenticity from day one!

  • Followers:0-10k
  • Checkmark:Verified Authenticity
  • Customizable:Username, Name, Email, Number
  • Delivery:Within 24 hours
  • Support:Lifetime Premium 24/7

Pre-Verified Tiktok
Account with 100k+ Followers

Elevate your brand or persona to elite status with a robust following.

  • Followers: 100k
  • Checkmark: Verified Authenticity
  • Customizable: Username, Name, Email, Number
  • Delivery: Within 24 hours
  • Support: Lifetime Premium 24/7s

Official Tiktok Representatives

At RocketPR, we're not just a leading Full-Stack Digital Agency and Press Release firm, but we've cultivated strong ties with official TikTok representatives. Dive into our suite of specialized TikTok services, including account verifications, username claims, and account recoveries among others, tailored for the needs of the modern digital world.

TikToK Hacked Account Recovery

Lost access to your TikTok due to hacking? As long as you provide evidence that the account originally belonged to you, we'll restore your access.

Complete recovery of any compromised TikTok account.

Engage directly with TikTok representatives for recovery.

100% success rate or get a full refund.

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TikTok Verification

Ready for the coveted blue tick on your TikTok profile? We streamline the process of verifying TikTok accounts. As every case is unique, we use our prowess in PR to back up your verification request with compelling press releases.

Verification in 1-3 weeks.
Support with 10+ articles from top-tier publications.
Dedicated lifetime customer support.
Success guaranteed or your money back.

$10,000 - $15,000
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TikTok Unban Service

Banned from TikTok? Don't fret. Our exclusive connections enable us to restore your access, regardless of the ban reason.

Assured unban or your money back.
Direct intervention through official TikTok representatives.
Resolution within 1-3 weeks.

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TikTok Username Claim

Fancy a specific TikTok username? If it has been dormant for over six months, we can help you claim it!

Ensure the desired username has been inactive for a minimum of 6 months.
Direct claim process through official TikTok representatives.
Guaranteed success or your money back.

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    TikTok Solutions FAQ

    Dive into our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, crafted to help you better understand
    the intricacies of SEO and how RocketPR ensures optimum results for your online success.

    • Verified TikTok accounts for purchase, really?

    Absolutely! We possess a collection of TikTok accounts that have already been verified through official representatives. Once you make a purchase, we'll update the username and personal details according to your preference and hand over full access to you.

    • What if I want a specific TikTok username but it's already taken?

    No worries! If the username you desire has been inactive for over six months, our TikTok representatives can help you claim it.

    • Can you help in getting my TikTok account verified?

    Definitely. Our expertise as a prominent PR agency allows us to showcase you or your brand in top-tier publications, boosting your profile's authenticity. This, combined with our direct link to official TikTok representatives, ensures a successful verification process.

    • Help! My TikTok account got hacked. Can you restore it?

    Certainly. If you can provide evidence proving the account's original ownership, our TikTok reps will facilitate its recovery.

    • I got banned on TikTok. Can you lift the ban?

    Absolutely. We boast a flawless track record in unbanning TikTok accounts, no matter the ban reason.

    • What's the typical turnaround for your TikTok services ?

    We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency. If you're looking for a Pre-Verified TikTok account, we can have it ready in just 24 hours. Other specialized services, such as account verifications or unbanning, typically require 1-3 weeks.

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