Credibility Boost:

A verified checkmark isn’t just an icon; it's a stamp of legitimacy. For businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals, this little badge instantly elevates trust, letting your audience know that Facebook recognizes and vouches for your authenticity.


Feature on esteemed publications with a towering Domain Authority of 50+ and watch the magic unfold. Users and prospects will see it as a gold seal, confirming your brand's elite status in the industry. It's a trust-boost, par excellence!

Protection Against

Facebook tends to prioritize content from verified pages, meaning your posts could enjoy greater visibility in user feeds. Whether it's a product launch, an insightful blog, or your latest adventure, get ready to shine in the spotlight!

Increased Engagement
& Conversion:

Users are naturally drawn to verified profiles, making them more likely to engage, interact, and convert. For businesses, this can mean more sales, while individuals and entrepreneurs can expect a more vibrant and responsive online community.

An Edge in

Planning a partnership or collaboration? The verified badge makes you a preferred choice. Other brands, influencers, and professionals are more inclined to collaborate with verified entities, opening doors to endless possibilities and ventures.

Elevate Your Facebook Presence with Our Elite Verification Services

Instant Authenticity with
Pre-Verified Pages

Dive straight into the heart of Facebook with our pre-verified pages tailored for individuals or businesses. Embrace a digital presence radiating trust, authority, and a magnetic pull that amplifies sales, conversions, and engagement.

Service Highlights:

  • Seal of Trust:
    A Verified FB Page
  • Brand Consistency:
    Under Your Chosen Name
  • Swift Turnaround:
    Delivered within 24-72 Hours
  • Enduring Commitment:
    Lifetime Premium Support

Tailored Facebook
Page Verification

Ever dreamt of adorning your Facebook page with that prestigious blue tick? We make dreams come true! Through our meticulous process, we ensure your page stands tall with the coveted badge of authenticity.

Service Highlights:

  • Seamless Verification:
    Guaranteed Facebook Page Verification
  • Enhanced Credibility:
    10+ Press Release Articles from Esteemed Publications
  • Timely Execution:
    Process completed within 1-3 weeks

Elite Facebook & Instagram Services: Authenticity & Recovery

Claim Your Unique
Identity on Facebook/IG

Dream of a specific username on Facebook or Instagram? Let us turn that dream into reality.

Service Highlights:

  • Eligibility: Username must have been dormant for 1+ year
  • Scope: Claim any inactive username (Minimum 6 characters, no impersonation of public figures or prominent businesses)
  • Assurance: Full refund if claim is unsuccessful
  • Timeline: 1-3 weeks

Regain Control with Hacked
Account Recovery

Lost access to your Facebook/Instagram account? We are here to restore your digital identity.

Service Highlights:

  • Criteria: Must provide substantial proof of original ownership
  • Method: Facilitated through our dedicated FB representative
  • Duration: Recovery process within 1-3 weeks (Price is dynamic based on the complexity of the issue. Contact us for a quote.)
  • Product 3: Instagram Unban - Your Return Ticket Banned from Instagram? Regardless of the reason, we've got the keys to get you back in.
  • Guarantee: Absolute unban or a complete refund
  • Execution: Direct intervention via Instagram representative
  • Swift Resolution: Typically days, but up to 1-3 weeks

Instagram Unban - Your Return Ticket

Banned from Instagram? Regardless of the reason, we've got the keys to get you back in.

  • Guarantee: Absolute unban or a complete refund
  • Execution: Direct intervention via Instagram representative
  • Swift Resolution: Typically days, but up to 1-3 weeks

    RocketPR's Exclusive FAQ:
    All You Need to Know!

    • Why choose RocketPR for your Facebook & Instagram needs?

    Dive into the world of RocketPR - a premier Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency and a Press Release Maverick! Our insider relationship with Facebook & Instagram representatives ensures top-tier services like verifications, account recoveries, unbans, and username claims. With RocketPR, you're always a step ahead!

    • Can RocketPR verify any Facebook page?

    Absolutely! As a front-runner in PR, we've mastered the verification labyrinth of social media. The key? Quality press releases in Tier 1 publications. With our seasoned writers spread across top-tier publications and our direct line to Facebook & Instagram representatives, consider your verification a done deal.

    • Help! My Instagram account was hacked. Can you assist?

    Fret not! As long as you can wave the flag of original ownership, we'll deploy our digital knights to reclaim your digital fortress, be it on Instagram or Facebook.

    • There's this cool username on Instagram I'm eyeing, but it's taken. Can you weave your magic ?

    Indeed, we can! If the username is lying dormant, we'll summon our Instagram and Facebook envoys to claim it on your behalf. Sit tight!

    • What's the ETA on your majestic services?

    While we like to give a ballpark of 1-3 weeks, our wizards usually sprinkle their magic within days!

    • Is there a golden parachute, like a Money-back Guarantee?

    Absolutely! RocketPR stands by its promise with a sterling 100% money-back guarantee. We're confident in our success rate, but if ever there's a hiccup, your investment is safeguarded. With a track record of 100% success, though, we doubt you'll need that parachute! 😉

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